Broccoli & Red Pepper & Maple Walnut Cold Salad

WIN_20160530_22_36_21_Pro (2)

Fun summer recipe for your next BBQ or cook-out! Its so flavorful and easy to prepare. One fresh head broccoli, rinsed, dried, cut, blanch in hot water 2 minutes them drain and set aside. One Red Bell Pepper, remove seeds and cut into strips, add into a mixing bowl with drained broccoli.  One cup whole walnuts, 2 tablespoons maple syrup cook on low in the saucepan on stove top, well coat the walnuts and allow to cool.

Add cooled coated walnuts to salad and toss gently. Refrigerate (covered) 30 minutes. There are a few dressing options, one of our new favorites is 2 tablespoons canola oil, one tablespoon balsamic aged vinegar and lemon zest. Drizzle over salad, toss and serve.

Hope you enjoy this New Favorite Recipe.

Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks Wiser”.


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  1. What a great summer salad! Miss you ccc! xoxoxoxo

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